Although people will give you all types of myths about when is the right time to sale a home, it’s important that you understand different houses and different neighborhoods have different selling times. Therefore, you must ensure to know the right time based on your area, home and personal interests too. Read on for tips concerning your timing.


According to statistics, some seasons are right for home selling while others are not appropriate. A majority of people would think that certain times will bring better sales and other will not.

–    Spring: Spring is the most preferred time for home selling by most people. Most probably, this is because people are not on holiday vacations and neither are they preparing for Christmas or any other festivals around.  Additionally, during spring, your home gardening will look better, therefore serve as a better selling point to the buyer.

–    Summer: This is not the best time to sell your house. Most people go away for holidays and vacations to run from the harsh weather. Therefore, when you place your home on the market during this time, buyers will tend to think you are selling to meet your vacation requirements. Additionally, during summer potential customers will be engaged with family issues since they must attend to their kids who are on summer holidays.

–    Autumn: This is another better time to arrange for house selling. During fall, manipulating the mind of the buyer is easy thanks to the improved gardening skills and nature. However, you must be ready with a plan to move fast before the season is over.

–    Winter: For you to sell during winter then you must ensure you plan for the sale before Christmas. If you are yet to put your house on the market before December, then it’s probably worth waiting till next year and sell when you are ready. However, if you happen to find a buyer at this time, then be prepared to move fast before they change their mind and direct the money for festivals.

Regional variation

Your timing can be right, but there are some regional differences that you cannot prevent or solve. Therefore, before you place your house on the market, ensure that the local government will not be conducting major road constructions or other activities that may make accessing you house difficult for your buyers.  Also, you may sell the house and find it hard for you to move within the stipulated time, something that may make your buyer change their mind.

Prepare for the sale

If by any chance you feel you are not ready for the sale, then don’t sell. Before you start selling your home, you must ensure that you are willing to sell the house and you have alternatives where you will go once you sell. If you get to the market blindly and sell your home without preparing yourself, it will be difficult you to find your ground within a certain period.

Use experts

Ensure you find the best Property for sale in Turkey agency by your side. The agency will help you find customers that will buy the house at your rates for you to make profits. Additionally, property sellers will take care of the paper works for you and give you time to attend to other things as they are attending your home selling problems. Also, they will eliminate the possibilities of you feeling broken when a buyer changes their mind when you had higher hopes that you will make sales.

Lastly, you must always ensure your home is ready for a sale at all times. However, you must not show signs of desperation to the buyers to avoid being manipulated to sell your house at a loss. Simple renovations will increase the value of your home. However, this does not mean that you should go overboard trying to do extensive renovations to get the mind of the buyer.


Before you sell your house, make sure you understand the total value of your home and the improvements you have done. Include all the main and minor costs that you have incurred while making the home the way t is, then set your price based on facts rather than guessing how much it should be worth.

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